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The Green Kingdom

File Size: 4.19 MB
Date Added: 2016-01-15
Rating: 100%
Played: 1658

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Hey, stop wasting your time on sleeping. Instead, get yourself inspired by the TD content of The Green Kingdom right away! The game is especially suited to those who love showing off their intelligence and strategies. Go now!

It primarily tells about a kind-hearted king in The Green Kingdom, who loves peace. But everything is not covered with pink. One day, his neighbors (Blue Kingdom, Gray Kingdom and Yellow Kingdom) all suddenly make a plan to invade our king's landscape! It is time to support the man in protecting his castle and pulverizing other kingdoms into pieces. How? Spend money on building a few defensive towers. Such the towers automatically eradicate the enemies after realizing their appearance. Don't mind penetrating into other castles to steal the gold. Continue achieving coins to have a full preparation for the next combats!

Land on The Green Kingdom to help the king regain the peace to his place!

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