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Date Added: 2015-10-16
Rating: 100%
Played: 1516

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How to earn much money just by clicking, clicking, and clicking? Why don't you consider Beez? The task is very simple! You merely must compile honey from cells. How to activate the game ideally? Get started now!

Collecting honey and conquering hives are what every player must deal with. Though the job might be automatically done, doing by the mouse will make the speed of the process faster. Remember that each cell can be upgraded to boost the honey's value. It is possible to see the current level and "XP process" from the top of the game screen. Besides, money & cash per second shall be displayed at the left side. The game will also be saved for later playback after every 30 seconds. Make deals on more bees, layers, cells, and upgrades, while taking care of levels, CPS, layers, money, conquered hives, XP, and colony strength for high scores.

Beez invites players of all ages to play and enjoy! Have fun!

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