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File Size: 7.90 MB
Date Added: 2015-06-12
Rating: 82%
Played: 3939

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Hi there! Here comes GrindCraft, all Minecraft addicts! It's an interesting and unique game containing Minecraft theme. Such a pity if skipping this game out of your hand! Explore it now!

The major activities the players need to perform as soon as jumping into the main screen are – grinding and crafting. Everything is easy to do, but the important element is patience. With the 1st step – grinding, players must hit the offered blocks at the top to collect raw materials (wood, sand, iron, bricks, ores, coal, etc.). After that, place them all in the Inventory. Next, move to the 2nd step – crafting, let's open the big board at the right side to remember some crafting recipes. Follow the instructions to craft the needful objects, such as hammers, pickaxes, books, anvils, and so forth. Seems very interesting, right? These items are useful for your constructions, remember!

GrindCraft is extremely worth try! Hurry to experience its stunning content right away!

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