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Family Rush

File Size: 6.14 MB
Date Added: 2015-06-04
Rating: 85%
Played: 2456

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Feel bored at this moment? We highly recommend you to take a look at Family Rush – a fun strategy game. What's special about it? Tap the "Play" button to find out all the amazing things immediately!

Everything happened when a cruel monster wants a real baby for his toxic drugs. How scary it is! Coincidently, in the city, there's a happy family having a baby boy. Knowing that, the creature suddenly captures that child for his evil purpose. Definitely, all members of that family are freaking out, and without any hesitation, they decide to rescue their beloved baby from the monster's territory. Do you want to be a part of their journey? Bear in mind, each member will stand in a different position along the path. You must activate all of them to improve the chance of winning. Guide them to fire fireballs towards the dangerous creatures (ghosts, skeletons, etc.)

Can they save the baby boy successfully? It's all up to you! Access Family Rush and prove your capacities to us!

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